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  • 10X Acekard 2i + Sandisk 8GB Memory card
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10X Acekard 2i + Sandisk 8GB Memory card

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10X Acekard 2i for 3DS/NDSi XL/NDSi/NDS/NDSL + 8GB Sandisk Memory card

The Acekard 2i DSi card is the same size as an original cart and you don't have to flash your machine or use a passme in order to use it.Because it can support 3DS,DSi, DS Lite, and DS; never lose the data; perfect compatibility; support Homebrew programs/games; support SDHC MicroSD card; support any brand of microSD card; support multi-language; support skin and Dynamic skin change; perfect UI; directly read TXT files and play MP3 files.Want to know how it handles? Now follow me to its features.


Original cart size, simple plug and play, no passme or flashed NDS needed

Support DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS

Never lost save data

Perfect compatibility

Support Homebrew programs/games

Support SDHC MicroSD card

Support any brand of MicroSD card

Support Action Reply cheats. Build-in editor

Built in "Trimming" Function

Fully touch screen operation

Build-in file operation

Can be used as a Passme to boot from slot-2 flash carts. Run GBA games by using expand cart

Support Multi-language

Support Skin and Dynamic skin change

Perfect UI

Support soft-reset, Download play and WIFI playing

Directly read TXT files and play MP3 files

What's included:

10x Acekard 2i slot-1 card.

10X 8GB Sandisk Memory card

Details list:

  • Model: 10X Acekard 2i + Sandisk 8GB
  • 10000 Units in Stock