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EZ-Flash Vi Express Version

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EZ-Flash Vi Express Version

EZ-FLASH Vi, the newest product of EZ family released by www.ezflash.cn . It is the EZ-FLASH V modified editon for DSi,and they are using same kernel. EZ-FLASH Vi have two packages: Deluxe and Simple Edition.

EZ-Flash Vi Express Version Features:

1. NOPASS technology, no need to modify DS console, no harm to the console, keeps console warrant.

2. Side plugin, prevent the MicroSD/SDHC suddenly drop, looks pke original card

3. Support official Slot2 expansion device

4. Softreset reduces the damage to the power switch

5. Support MicroSD/SDHC, high capacity, high speed, no speed drop.

6. Direct save to MicroSD/SDHC, no more save loss.

Easy to Use:

1. Plug and play, no more passme

2. Drag and play, no more convert software

3. Easy to manage. support copy and delete

4. Easy to pnk. support GBA/DS game pnker, support single card download play.


1. Vdeo player, support DPG 1.0 and 2.0

2. Music play, support mp3, wav, mod

3. Text reading, bookmark support

4. Picture viewing, support jpg, bmp,png

Interface, operation:

1. Graphic user interface, what you see is what you control

2. Game pst with thumbnail, icon size adjustable

3. Support touch screen and hot key

4. Skin changeable, support skin remake


1. RAM expansion, support offcial web browser

2. Rumble support, strength adjustable

3. GBA game support

4. pght control adjustable

5. Homebrew support, autoDLDI supported

6. Use as a passme, boot slot2 card

Notice: There is only the EZ-Flash Vi Card

Details list:

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