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Payment Notice

We can accpet Credit Card Now.

Is it security for payment via Credit Card

First of all, please note that all Tradeinthebox team is striving for providing a confident,enjoyable and safe environment online shopping for Tradeinthebox.com.

Secondly, we would like to introduce your what security on our credit card risk protection control system. The credit card system we use on Tradeinthebox has received the PCI Security Certificate, as well as the SSL digital encryption certificates and MD5 digital signatures and certification, which strongly protect every step of the strict protection of the merchant and cardholder information security. See more as below,

PCI certification is currently the most stringent in the world, the highest-ranking financial institution safety certification standards. See more at here .

SSL encryption to protect data transmission security, construct a secure channel between the browser and web server data transmission SSL runs above TCP / IP layer, below the application layer for the application to provide encrypted data channel, it uses RC4, MD5, and RSA encryption algorithm, using 128-bit key, to ensure data consistency and security. see more at here

Data encrypted storage: storage of cardholder and merchant transaction data transmission is encrypted to ensure the security of business information, enhance merchant reputation, allowing you to win more customers.

During the processing of the transaction, using the MPI interface of the cardholder 3D verification, on-line 3D and non-3D cardholder processing, the effective promotion of transaction safety; to ensure that international consumers in online payment habits can carried out smoothly, increase transaction success rate. See more at here

Can not reverse engineering, safe and reliable, to ensure data security. See more at here

PayAlert (real-time fraud detection):
Through the cooperation with the international card organizations as well as banks, use the credibility of the database information, the effective detection of fraudulent transactions in real time, to prevent fraudulent transactions over 100,000 daily average.

Hardware firewall:
The firewall is based on SSG20, which is a dedicated modular security platform, providing 160 Mbps of stateful firewall traffic and 40 IPsec VPN for small branch offices, remote workers Mbps throughput, and enterprise deployment.

Software Firewall:
The sofeware firewall has the protection of data security by the ASIC chip to perform the firewall policy and data encryption and decryption speed protection performance.


Besides, once the payment is processed successful, you will received two emails
A order processing order email from Tradeinthebox
A successful payment email from the Credit Card Company.



What is bill name of the payment
Answer: Please kindly note that our credit card Merchant Name, which will appear on your credit card bill statement. The credit card merchant name will be sent to you alone with the shipment notification email.

Why the payment is failed
1. Please confirm the issuing bank information is correct.
2. Please make a sure that your credit card is available for the payment.

Will an email notification send to me after payment was successful?
Answer: Yes, there are three emails.
1. An order processing order email from Tradeinthebox
2. A successful payment email from the Credit Card Company.
3. A shipment notification email from Tradeinthebox once the goods was shipped out.
Please note that all email will be sent to your order email. If you does not receive the email, please contact us as soon as possible by click here .

What to do the goods does not arrive in the estimated tiem of arrival
First of all,we would like you to know that it is out of our control once the goods was shipped. For Tradeinthebox shipping information, please click here .
Secondly, please contact us at here . We will answer your email within 24 business hours.
Thirdly, the credit card merchant will send you a confirmation email of the goods for checking whether the goods arrived or not after 20 days from the date of the goods was shipped out. Please check your order email box ( spam box as well. )

What to do if the goods does not arrive within 45 days from date of order placed
Answer: Please contact us for a reshipment or refund as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by click here .

Thank you very much for shopping on Tradeinthebox. We look forward to server you at any time.
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