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TNT contact phone number in main destination countries

Here we list some countrys' TNT contact phone number for your reference,Sometimes if there is any delivery Below is the list for your reference of TNT contact numbers for listed countries. Sometimes if there is a delivery problem, our customer service staff will personally contact TNT China to assist you, meanwhile you also can contact your local TNT yourself, and maybe the problem will be solved quicker.

TNT Japan            3 55201 900
TNT India             222 823 4060
TNT Australia        2 93177 717
TNT New Zealand   92550500
TNT US                800 558 5555
TNT Mexico          555 242 9159
TNT Canada         905 672 9753
TNT Brazil            5564 8600
TNT UK                02072310455
TNT France           148144814
TNT Italy             025808881
TNT Germany       4073469 0
TNT Sweden         8 625 5 8 00
TNT Finland         20 420  420
TNT Denmark       7938051 1
TNT Norway         81000810
TNT Holland         204744000
TNT Spain           9166059 00
TNT Russia         4957972 700
TNT Turkey         212 410 1500
TNT Israel          8 91402 22
TNT Switzerland   62 837  00 00

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