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UPS contact phone number in main destination countries

Below is the list for your reference of UPS contact numbers for listed countries. Sometimes if there is a delivery problem, our customer service staff will personally contact UPS China to assist you, meanwhile you also can contact your local UPS yourself, and maybe the problem will be solved quicker.

UPS Japan             0120-27-1040/ (81) 3-5484-5834
UPS India              800 22 7171
UPS Australia         (61) 131 UPS (877)
UPS New Zealand   64-9-279-5230/ 0800-742-5877
UPS US                 1-800-782-7892
UPS Mexico           01-800-90-29200/ (5255) 5228-7900
UPS Canada         1-800-742-5877
UPS Brazil            11-5694-6600/ 0800-770-9035
UPS UK                08457-877-877
UPS France          0821-233-877
UPS Italy             800-877-877
UPS Germany       0800-8826630
UPS Sweden         020-788 799
UPS Finland         0800-1-877-877
UPS Denmark       80 30 22 22
UPS Norway         800-33-470
UPS Holland        0800-099-1300
UPS Spain          902-88-88-20
UPS Russia        495-961-2211
UPS Turkey        212 413 22 22
UPS Israel         1-800-834-834/ +972-3-577-0100

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