R4i Gold 3DS $12.15

R4i Gold 3DS $12.15

R4i Gold+SD 2GB $19.45

R4i Gold+SD 4GB $21.48

R4i Gold+KS 2GB $19.75

R4i Gold+KS 4GB $21.98

R4i Gold+KS 8GB $25.99


R4i-sdhc V1.4.3 $9.99

R4i sdhc+SD 2GB $17.98

R4i sdhc+SD 4GB $18.99

R4i sdhc+SD 8GB $21.99

R4i sdhc+KS 2GB $17.98

R4i sdhc+SD 4GB $18.95

Supercard DStwo,DSTwo for Nintendo 3DS,DSi XL,DSi DS Lite and DS

Supercard dstwo $33.39

Dstwo+SD 2GB $39.80

Dstwo+SD 4GB $41.88

Dstwo+SD 8GB $49.48

Dstwo+KS 2GB $39.98

Dstwo+KS 4GB $42.50

R4i Gold Plus

R4i Gold Plus $12.85

Deluxe Edition+2G $18.99

Deluxe Edition+4G $21.95

Deluxe Edition+8G $23.80

Simple Edition+16G $49.99

Wholesale X10PCS $99.90

Acekard 2i 3DS card for 3DS,DSi,DSi XL 1.4.1,DS Lite and DS $16.5

Acekard 2i 3DS $13.99

AK 2i + SD 2GB $21.40

AK 2i + SD 4GB $23.40

Ak 2i + SD 8GB $25.80

Ak 2i + KS 2GB $21.45

Ak 2i + KS 4GB $23.68


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Product Price
Hot products
R4i SDHC Adaptor for Nintendo DSi V1.4.2 firmware US$ 9.99
Acekard 2i for 3DS/NDSi XL/NDSi/NDS/NDSL US$ 13.68
Supercard DSTWO Card for DSi XL/NDSI/NDS/NDS US$ 32.99
Acekard 2i + Sandisk 4GB Memory card US$ 23.40
R4 DS – R4DS Adapter For NDS/NDSL US$ 2.99
R4i SDHC 3DS Card for N3DS/NDSi XL/NDSi/NDSL/NDS US$12.99
R4i-SDHC 3DS + 2GB Kingston Memory card US$20.95
R4i-SDHC 3DS + 4GB Kingston Memory card US$23.25
R4i-SDHC 3DS + 8GB Kingston Memory card US$31.99
Wholesale 20 pcs of R4i SDHC 3DS Card US$228.00
Wholesale 40 pcs of R4i-SDHC 3DS Card US$448.00
R4i Gold 3DS
R4i Gold 3DS Card for Nintendo 3DS US$12.15
R4i Gold 3DS Card+Sandisk 2GB memory card US$19.45
R4i Gold 3DS Card +Sandisk 4GB memory card US$21.28
R4i Gold 3DS Card +Kingston 2GB memory card US$19.75
R4i Gold 3DS Card +Kingston 4GB memory card US$21.98
R4i Gold 3DS Card +Kingston 8GB memory card US$31.49
R4iDSN Card for DSL/DSi/DSiXL/ Nintendo 3DS US$9.99
R4iDSN + 2GB Kingston Memory card US$16.85
R4iDSN + 4GB Kingston Memory card US$18.15
R4iDSN + 8GB Kingston Memory card US$25.95
Wholesale 20 X R4iDSN Card US$198.00
Acekard 2i 3DS US$13.55
M3i Zero 3DS US$ 24.88
R4i Ultra 3DS US$ 11.25
Supercard DSONEi Mini
Supercard DSONEi Mini for NDS/NDSL/NDSi/NDSiLL US$17.99
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Sandisk 2GB Memory Card US$24.85
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Sandisk 4GB Memory Card US$27.99
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Sandisk 8GB Micro SDHC Card US$34.99
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Kingston 2GB Memory Card US$25.35
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Kingston 4GB Memory Card US$28.99
Supercard DSONEi Mini + Kingston 8GB Memory Card US$35.99
Supercard DSTWO
Supercard DSTWO Card for DSi XL/NDSI/NDS/NDSL US$32.99
DSTWO + 2GB Sandisk Memory Card US$40.98
DSTWO + 4GB Sandisk Memory Card US$42.88
DSTWO + 8GB Sandisk Memory Card US$51.37
DSTWO + 2GB Kingston Memory Card US$40.98
DSTWO + 4GB Kingston Memory Card US$43.71
DSTWO + 8GB Kingston Memory Card US$52.18
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Brand new V2.20T series products has released by R4 SDHC

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V2.20T series products are brand new products, R4SDHC Team  have done the great update for the software and the great upgrade for the hardware while making the new packing. Regarding the software update, the compatibility has greatly been improved, 50 latest games that couldnt be played now can be working. It can be compatible with all Nitendo latest games perfectly.Additionally, the game loading speed is faster than that before,at the same time, we added the user customization mode, you can customize the sequence of the games, music and files on your own. Regarding the upgrade of the hardware, we use the high precision finish chip to speed up the game running speed, the power consumation is very low. The comaptibility of the micro sd is improved as well, the mold of the outer shell is made of the imported ROCHS material in order to assure the good connections with the card and the console.

Supercard DSTWO, Acekard 2i, M3i Zero, R4i 1.4.1 SDHC, R4i Gold

Acekard 2i 3DS  R4iDSN 3DS  R4i SDHC 3DS  R4i Gold 3DS

R4 SDHC(Wifi)  DSTT  R4DS  R4i Ultra DSONEi  Ezflash Vi DSTTi

R4-SDHC(WiFi) Upgrade Revolution for NDS/NDSL

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R4-SDHC(WiFi) Upgrade Revolution for DS(NDSL /NDS) is the latest R4 SDHC version, supported by www.r4i-sdhc.com Team. The R4 SHDC Revolution is an flashcard so you can use a micro SDHC TF card (up to 32GB) with Your DS/DS Lite this allows you to store much more and allows you to benefit from all the following Features:

Wireless WiFi Watch movies Listen musics Browse pictures Read E-Books and more…

Notice: It only compatible to NDSL/NDS consoles

R4 SDHC Revolution Features: Same size as an original DS game cartridge Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart/passcard etc.) Uses microSD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage. Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet) Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card and play Standard FAT system support Supports different speeds of micro SD cards Supports HC memory cards Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel ) Touch screen control and robust skinning support No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the microSD card Auto detect the save type and automatically generate saver file Homebrew support , IO lib available on launch Supports WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser.

What is in the box: R4-SDHC(WiFi) Upgrade Revolution for DS(NDSL /NDS) (Slot-1) USB microSD memory card reader / writer Card hard case


R4 SDHC(Wifi)  R4DS  R4i Ultra DSONEi  Ezflash Vi DSTTi

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