R4i Gold 3DS $12.15

R4i Gold 3DS $12.15

R4i Gold+SD 2GB $19.45

R4i Gold+SD 4GB $21.48

R4i Gold+KS 2GB $19.75

R4i Gold+KS 4GB $21.98

R4i Gold+KS 8GB $25.99


R4i-sdhc V1.4.3 $9.99

R4i sdhc+SD 2GB $17.98

R4i sdhc+SD 4GB $18.99

R4i sdhc+SD 8GB $21.99

R4i sdhc+KS 2GB $17.98

R4i sdhc+SD 4GB $18.95

Supercard DStwo,DSTwo for Nintendo 3DS,DSi XL,DSi DS Lite and DS

Supercard dstwo $33.39

Dstwo+SD 2GB $39.80

Dstwo+SD 4GB $41.88

Dstwo+SD 8GB $49.48

Dstwo+KS 2GB $39.98

Dstwo+KS 4GB $42.50

R4i Gold Plus

R4i Gold Plus $12.85

Deluxe Edition+2G $18.99

Deluxe Edition+4G $21.95

Deluxe Edition+8G $23.80

Simple Edition+16G $49.99

Wholesale X10PCS $99.90

Acekard 2i 3DS card for 3DS,DSi,DSi XL 1.4.1,DS Lite and DS $16.5

Acekard 2i 3DS $13.99

AK 2i + SD 2GB $21.40

AK 2i + SD 4GB $23.40

Ak 2i + SD 8GB $25.80

Ak 2i + KS 2GB $21.45

Ak 2i + KS 4GB $23.68


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Operation for DSTT/DSTTi

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Operation for DSTT/DSTTi


1Update the kernel

Connect the TF card to PC by the card reader, download and unzip the TTMenu OS kernel, copy the ” TTMENU ” directory and TTMenu.dat and TTMenu.sys file from the necessary language directory to the root directory of TF card (e.g. the simplified kernel file).

   2Copy ROM file

Connect the TF card to PC by the card reader, copy ROM (file) or homebrew to TF card.

 3DSTT/DSTTi Main Menu Operation


  A.Enter the main menu, select file by direction keys or touchpod(UP and DOWN button for ROM, LEFT/RIGHT button  for flipping), press A or touchpod to run ROM.

  B.Click the right button( ) of selected ROM to enter sub-option interface. If Black screen or White screen appears, then enter “option” interface and open or close “DMA mode”, the problem can be resolved. If still not ok, please contact us at : sales@tradeinthebox.com .

 C.While the “Soft Reset” function is on, pressing “L+R+A+B+X+Y” can go back to the DSTT menu, Please do not do this  while saving,as it will lead to malfunction,It is recommended to go back to main menu before you function the   “Soft Reset”.  If the error occurs on running games, please try to turn off the “Soft Reset”.  D.Open action replay cheat on “option” interface if the corresponding ROM have it. then click ” save” to back main   menu and run ROM.

About DSTT/DSTTi Archive


  It will create the new archive if it is the first running, as it will be updated automatically while running the game. The file name of the archive is the same with the games, the extension is .SAV, can be backup or restored from PC at anytime.


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