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More Info About R4i Gold Plus

R4i GOLD PLUS is a new enhanced product of www.r4ids.com

R4i Gold Plus new Features:

1. The independent upgrading card writer. New products solve the problem that the card firmware can’t be upgraded which is caused by the user's console’s being upgraded. The upgrade can be detached from the DS console completely, no longer limited by the upgrade of the DS console. USB interface, plug and play, is dedicated to XP / VISTA / WIN7 / MAC and other computer equipment.

2. The card supports WIFI online software upgrade without the use of computers. Where there is WIFI , there you can upgrade your R4 card. Support the latest games. Easy to use and make you enjoy one step ahead.

V1.4 The first Global Breakthrough!  

R4i Gold PLUS support 3DS and DSi /XL/LL 1.43 system !

Playing Nintendo games is an enjoyable activity for many people from children to adult.. However, the enjoyment of playing games on Nintendo console is often disturbed because players have to spend much money every time they want to play another game. With the high demand to save much money and keep enjoying the fun of the game, R4I gold Plus is the device that fulfills all gamers’ demands. This card writer has makes gamers do not have to upgrade their Nintendo DS console to play particular games because this device will be in charge for the upgrade.

There are many benefits that gamers can get from this device. First of all is flexibility. This device is a separate card reader so you can plug and unplug this device easily. Although the main use is to enhance enjoyment in gaming but this device can make your console usable for playing music and movies CDs. Another advantage that is pretty enticing is that this device is applicable to be used in various Nintendo DS versions such as 3DS lite, DSi and DS applications. In order to save your games, you can insert a 32GB SDHC card into this device. This device also creates back up while playing games. R4I gold Plus would enrich your sparetime everlastingly.

With the popularity and great demand of R4I Gold Plus, there are many electronic manufacturers that give contribution to the creation of the successor of R4I Gold, the R4I Gold Plus edition. The last but not the least of benefit of this incredible device is that gamers can play any available Wi-Fi games with the help from this device. As mentioned before, there are many manufacturers that give contribution to the production and promotion of this device. It makes gamers to easily get this device almost in every gaming store. One of the recommended online stores that sell this device is http://www.tradeinthebox.com/Supply-r4i-gold-plus_c116, www.tradeinthebox.com sells the R4i Gold Plus Simple package Edition & R4i Gold Plus Deluxe Edition as well. You may get more features and functions for R4i Gold Plus from its offcial site www.r4ids.com

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