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I Just got it today, Although it takes 14 days to my place, Anyway I am quite happy to get this fancy R4i SDHC to work on my DSi.


This case is great, its very sturdy unlike the usual plastic cases, it fits prefectly and comes in a range of colours.
The inside is coated with felt so it slides on without scratching the 3DS.

The only cons I can think of are that it makes it a little harder to get at the SD card slot and the 3DS no longer fits in the charging dock that comes with it.
But those things are very minor and would happen with any case.

i give it an 8/10

PS i like the feel of the cool metal :3


This card is great, it works fine on my 3DS, its really cheap and is able to use a lot of other media like videos.

I had questions about products, the responses were quick and very helpful, the tracking no was sent to me really soon after payment.

Definately recommend to friends.


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  • What’s R4i ?

    R4i cards is a R4 card’s next generation, just like a father and a kid.R4i cards is designed for the DSi console at the beginning, lately, while the DSi XL , 3DS console comes out.R4i cards is upgraded to work on the DSi xl , and 3DS.

  • What can the R4i do ?

    An r4i can let you back up the games that you already have (please note an r4i only works on a dsi and dsi XL if you do not have a dsi or a dsi XL you will have to get a normal r4 but do not be sad a normal r4 cando everything an r4 can).

  • How do you fix r4i?

    Well, you can’t. If you updated your DSi to v.1.4.1, and you are using r4i v. 1.4, it will no longer work. You will need to buy a new one.

  • Does the r4i work with the dsi ?

    It does work perfectly, so you’ll be good to go. but make sure you get the R4i Sdhc and NOT the R4 Card because the regular R4 Card only works on the DS and DS Lite and NOT the DSi system.


  • How do you fix your r4i with date error?.

    You only need to turn your ds/lite/i date back a few days when occurred this should then work in other cases you may want to turn back a MONTH back


  • How do you fix your R4i ultra after you perform a system update?

    System updates usually disable things like that as part of the anti piracy protections. But your actual games will still play fine on the DS.


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